Learning to become more self-aware and learning to be strategic and intentional with your relationships to help increase your quality of life. Stopping the chase to finding the best relationships. Stopping the chase of being in the relationship rat race. Stopping the chase not just with intimate relationships but with yourself and others in your life. Stop the chase and learn how to navigate your feelings and emotions that can lead you to the life you want to love.

“Do what is necessary, then what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ~St. Francis

When a person decides to seek the support of therapy, generally it’s because they aren’t happy with the way they are feeling. So when the cliché is asked, “how are you feeling,” the new answer now is “I’m feeling some type of way.” Some type of way is used as an adjective phrase to sum up how that person is currently feeling about relationships, depression, anxiety, stress, jobs, career, family or any other areas of life that creates external situations deemed to be difficult to manage alone. Often times it’s not the uncomfortable situation but how the person feels about the situation that matters most. Basically, if you’re feeling good about something, then you probably wouldn’t seek emotional help with it. But, if you are feeling “some type of way” then you need to contact me so I can help you determine how you feel, process those feelings and explore those feelings and gain insight on ways to manage the uncomfortable feelings affecting your emotional quality of life.


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Montoyia McGowan, uses Stopping the Chase Counseling to help empower others to stop the mentally exhausting cycle of chasing people, places, things and relationships we often feel would contribute to our happiness. Montoyia helps clients consider perspectives that empower them to learn to be more intentional with their thought life and their outside relationships.


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