Montoyia McGowan, uses Stopping the Chase Counseling to help empower others to stop the mentally exhausting cycle of chasing people, places, things and relationships we often feel would contribute to our happiness. Montoyia helps clients consider perspectives that empower them to learn to be more intentional with their thought life and their outside relationships. Montoyia’s unique style allows her to be a therapeutic companion in therapy sessions with individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, anger management, life transitions, loss, unhealthy relationships, insomnia, co-dependency and many other life issues that might not fit the category of “mental illness.” She enjoys working with “the working well.” Those of us who are entrepreneurs, artists, trailblazers, movers and shakers, athletes and people who are just busy living life, while making it look easy but battling being emotionally drained from working so hard to look like you are “just fine.”

Montoyia McGowan, mom of two, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked in the field since 2001. She started her college career at Middle Tennessee State University and finished her BA SW degree at University of Memphis. She earned a Master’s degree in Social Work at University of Tennessee Knoxville. She has a certificate in Gerontology, is a certified trainer for Stephen Ministry, is trained in TN Rule 31 Mediation, has completed the Basic Level Training for EMDR and has completed Levels 1 and 2 for Gottman Method Couples Therapy. Montoyia, also a combat veteran, was in the Army Reserves for almost 10 years and was afforded the opportunity to deploy to Iraq in 2003-2004.

In attempt to learn ways to overcome her own history with combat PTSD and chronic pain, Montoyia is inspired by her spiritual relationship, mindfulness, affirmations, visualizations, yoga, meditation, working out with friends, running, seeing other women grow and helping relationships flourish. Because of her own journey she attracts a culture of clients that connect with her lifestyle and thought-life. Entrepreneurs, workaholics, physically active people, risk takers, social butterflies, millennials and people who sometimes can’t seem to find time to be in the moment. She values personal development, spiritual growth, genuine connections and maintaining relationships that are emotionally nourishing. Montoyia encourages clients to learn to practice mindfulness which helps create a healthy mindset while enhancing the emotional quality of life each individual craves.

Montoyia McGowan is the owner and founder of Stopping the Chase Counseling and Consulting LLC, a private practice located in the Midtown Memphis area that provides services to Memphis, Arkansas and Mississippi. She focuses on helping adults and couples work through issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma, conflict resolution and unhealthy relationships. Montoyia believes that once a person learns ways to stop chasing things outside of themselves, they can increase their quality of life while becoming the authentic person they desire to be.

Montoyia’s office is a confidential setting where judgment is not allowed. But you are allowed to laugh, cry, cuss, yell, talk, whisper or just sit in silence. It is a place where you are welcomed to feel comfortable with resting your soul and work towards being comfortable with the idea of vulnerability.

Tele-health Sessions are available for those not able to come into the office or are not local residents.

Montoyia can be found on Facebook, Instagram and at her website https://stoppingthechase.com


  • Listed in Therapy for Black Girls Directory
  • Commissioned Stephen Ministry Trainer
  • Listed TN Rule 31 Mediator for TN Supreme Court, Family
  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy Trained Level I and II
  • EMDR Level I&II Trained, EMDRIA Member
  • Tri-State Defender Annual 50 Women of Excellence Award Class of 2017


Most recent speaking events:

Entrepreneur Evolution, Memphis, TN  2/23/19
Keynote Speaker for Mastering Entrepreneurship Conference, Memphis, TN 1/12/19

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Montoyia McGowan is available for speaking engagements that include workshops, retreats, panel discussions, radio interviews and podcast segments. Please send an email to montoyia@stoppingthechase.com for review of you request.

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