Angry Cleaning

One thing I enjoy doing is getting rid of clutter. I can sleep better and my anxiety level decreases when I’ve thrown some unnecessary stuff away and scubbed some dirt away. A few of my favorite cleaning and clutter tips are: 1. Have your empty closet hangers in one designated spot in your closet. If you take a shirt off the hanger, put the empty hanger in the assigned spot with the other hangers. This habit helps to decrease clutter on the entire rack and makes it easy to find hangers when you need them. 2. Take toilet minutes. Friday evenings when I get home from work, I take about ten minutes to clean the toilets like I have company coming over. Who says you have to clean everything all at once? I used to date a guy who came over on Fridays. So I would rush home to clean the toilets in case my nine year old had drippings in all the wrong places. I dumped the dude but kept the good habit I had developed. 3. Clean in segments. Decide what room you want to focus on and stay in that room! Don’t allow yourself to roam to other rooms in the process. If you are cleaning the bedroom, place things that need to go in other rooms in a pile near the door. Force yourself to stay in that room until you are done. Then sort the pile on your way to the next room on your list. Seeing progress will encourage your spirit  (well it does for me) 5. Pissed off about something? Got some steam to blow off before you prematurely cuss everybody out? Before you do, get the clorox spray and get to scrubbing. Spray and scrub those tubs and sinks. If you have more steam blowing out of those ears, add the shower walls to the list. Let that anger move you! Use it to your advantage. And when you are done scrubbing, run yourself some bath water, pour a glass of wine and ignore the hell out of everyone while you meditate yourself into a better mood. #youarewelcome #keepcalmandclean #imeditateforyou

2 thoughts on “Angry Cleaning”

  1. Love the idea for hangers! I keep my house on a schedule. I sort all my tasks out by week. Every day I pull from the task pile and do 2 or 3 of them. Working fulltime, I’ve discovered it is the ONLY way for me to keep up. Thanks for an inspiring post!

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