So…Are you sleeping like a baby?

So….How are you sleeping?  Are you sleeping like a baby? Waking up rested? No??? Well maybe you could become your own sleep research project.  That is what I did. One of the goals on my 2016 vision board this year was to get better sleep.  Actually I wanted some refreshing rest so I can wake up feeling rejuvenated as many...[ read more ]

Teenage pregnancy

As the son of a teen mother I saw firsthand what it was like to be a parent learning on-the-go and dealing with the pressures of a society that isn’t too kind to teen parents, particularly young Black mothers. The shame, secrecy, joy and fear can be detrimental to the psyche of a young girl… via 6 Things People Get Wrong...[ read more ]

Sorry, Not Sorry. How to really apologize.

I said “I’m Sorry, that should be enough.” Right? Wrong!!!! Saying you are sorry is not enough.  Many people think by saying they are sorry their apology should be duly noted as accepted.  Do you hear yourself saying “I’m sorry” way more than you would like to hear?  If so you might need to know more about how to actually...[ read more ]

Serve Up Some Happiness

Take away his need to be independent.  Of course he is self-sufficient and that is one of the traits you were attracted too however you want to add to their life by making it easier with the support of another awesome person…...YOU!!!  Compliment his weaknesses or lacks with the things you are good at.  Become an asset that he can’t emotionally...[ read more ]

Why we give you the side eye when….

When I hear an adult brag about how their under the age of 18 child is their best friend, I suck my teeth a tinch and give them the side eye.  Why? Well.  If I can be frank, it think that person has some unresolved fear and is a tad bit selfish.  First, if your child is your best friend...[ read more ]

Dear Cinderalla

  Way-back Wednesday   Way-back Wednesday is about what I used to do versus what I do know. Who I used to be versus who I am now. How I used to be with my time versus how I am now. What I used to eat versus what I eat now. How I used to think versus how I think...[ read more ]

This Thing called Self Love

Seeing the post in the bloggers group about 28 days of Self Love was exciting.  Oh yeah! I love me!  Definitely include me in a fun, creative way to let the world know how much I have learned to love me and how they should learn to do the same. I had no clue what I was getting myself into. ...[ read more ]

Angry Cleaning

One thing I enjoy doing is getting rid of clutter. I can sleep better and my anxiety level decreases when I've thrown some unnecessary stuff away and scubbed some dirt away. A few of my favorite cleaning and clutter tips are: 1. Have your empty closet hangers in one designated spot in your closet. If you take a shirt off...[ read more ]

The Basics of Meal Planning

This is just the basics to help you get started. Here are a few suggestions to make meal planning more efficient as well as save you extra money, but if you are just getting started start with these steps first. You can always add the other tricks in later when you feel more comfortable with the whole process. STEP 1:...[ read more ]

Who Knew? God Knew…but I sure didn’t.

Who knew that when I took a pic in the past it would become a "before" picture.  I sure didn't.  All I knew is that I needed to do something different.  Who knew that when I was encouraged to take measurements, record them and take pics of the measurements....those same pic of myself would encourage me to keep going.  Who knew,...[ read more ]

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