So…Are you sleeping like a baby?

So….How are you sleeping?  Are you sleeping like a baby? Waking up rested? No??? Well maybe you could become your own sleep research project.  That is what I did.

One of the goals on my 2016 vision board this year was to get better sleep.  Actually I wanted some refreshing rest so I can wake up feeling rejuvenated as many days a week as I can.  It’s awesome how the law of attraction can help bring to pass the very things we put into the atmosphere.  I was listening to a podcast (because I’m a podcast junkie) and somehow I ended up listening to the guy who has inspired me to work hard at getting real rest.  Shawn Stevenson, the guy who wrote a book titled Sleep Smarter.  I must admit, I am not done with the book mainly because I keep falling asleep with the book in the bed.  Which means many of the things I have learned are starting to work like a charm.  As a veteran with history of anxiety and symptoms of PTSD…sleep is a treasured jewel that I have been chasing since 2004.

The first thing I have done is given myself a time limit for anything that has that “blue light.”  I know, I know…it’s really difficult not to scroll the phone or the IPad or the computer while lying in the bed waiting for the sleep monster to creep into the room.  As recommended, I started out trying it for five days.  No television, no cell phone, no computer and nothing else that has that light to keep your brain up.  For the more technical explanation you will have to read the book!  And guess what!!!! It has truly made a difference.

Secondly, I have decided to not allow myself to get re-started with my life after 10pm.  For some odd reason, I think of at least 17 more things I can do after 10pm.  You know we get that second wind and end up being awake until the wee hours of the morning.  No. Not me. Not anymore.  The book discusses a study that helps you understand that it takes twice as long to complete a task when you are sleep deprived compared to you completing the same task after getting some rest.  Forcing myself to stay awake while exhausted has become an unproductive waste of time so now I “adult” and turn the light off, roll over and go to nite nite.  I feel so mature.  At first I felt like an old lady going to bed at 10pm but now I look forward to it like a date that has to happen.

The third thing I have done is chase that sleep like it’s a hot date.  I have changed my perspective about sleep and decided to desire sleep instead of trying to fit it into my life.  At one point (like last month) I was trying to fit sleep into my life.  After reading this book and changing my perspective I have realized that if sleep is my priority then my day is so much more effective.  Life feels so much more refreshing.  Going to bed exhausted and waking up tired is emotionally draining. 

I no longer live that sleep deprived life emotionally (welllll……majority of the week I don’t).  It also helps to have a significant other who knows how to turn that lamp off and go to bed.  It amazes me how feelings of envy rises in my spirit when I see him go into that deep sleep stage, witnessing him making sleep look succulent and delicious.  Envy has also motivated me to get my sleep life together. My sweetie makes me want that deep snuggly sleep.  I am on a mission!

This personal sleep study I have implemented has helped transform my sleep life tremendously in a very short period of time and I am excited to learn more so I can test it out on my life.

My hope is that this blog encourages you to figure how to fall in love with sleep instead of deciding to “sleep with you die.”  Now that I know rejuvenating rest is possible, I crave more.  I want you to find out how to quench your thirst for sleep too.  It is life changing.  Best wishes. Good night and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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