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Why You Need More Than Just Sleep: Exploring the 9 Types of Rest

Are you constantly feeling tired and burned out despite getting plenty of sleep? You might be coming up short on the other types of rest your body desperately needs. It’s time to understand the true power of rest and break free from the culture of high-achieving, high-producing individuals who suffer from a rest deficit. Let’s get into the different types of rest and how they can improve your mental health and overall well-being.

Think HOARDERS, but for Mental Health

Blog Happy New Year, Friends! We’re sitting at the top of a new year, and I know we’re all feeling a mix of excitement and trepidation about what’s to come. As we chuck the deuces to 2022 and welcome in 2023, there’s one thing we need to leave behind: OUR OLD SHIT. Yes, I’m talking […]

Killer Without a Face: Depression & Suicide

Blog Depression can be difficult to detect because it doesn’t always look ‘depressed’. In fact, people suffering from depression can appear to the the happiest people on Earth. They can be famous, wealthy, witty, outgoing, attractive, and highly functioning professionals and be secretly struggling. Although depression doesn’t necessarily lead to suicide, it definitely increases the […]

Creating Space: Clearing My Brain’s Cache

Blog Hey Friends, what have you been up to? This month I got to work with a group of medical professionals whose employer realized that his practice can’t operate at its best unless his team was feeling their best. He plans Annual Anniversary Retreats where his staff comes together to recharge, rebalance and most importantly […]