Who Knew? God Knew…but I sure didn’t.

Who knew that when I took a pic in the past it would become a “before” picture.  I sure didn’t.  All I knew is that I needed to do something different.  Who knew that when I was encouraged to take measurements, record them and take pics of the measurements….those same pic of myself would encourage me to keep going.  Who knew, I sure didn’t.  Who knew that seeing my own progress would encourage me to try a new app to go running, join a fitness group for accountability, join Girltrek to walk when I didn’t want to commit to running or use my story to encourage others on social media or in private via a text or email.  Who knew? I sure didn’t.  Who knew that working on personal development by reading self help books and watching Youtube videos of Jim Rohn would actually be for me to encourage others in ways that I am still working on.  Who knew, I sure didn’t.  Who knew that me learning to be vulnerable, show pics on social media with my imperfect belly, squishy love handles and unmade hair would have people feel connected to not only cheer me on but to join me in my quest to live long, live happy and live with mental peace with myself.  Who knew that I would feel confident so much that on my performance self appraisal at work I would close it out by recommending that I get an Outstanding on my performance evaluation.  Who knew?  I sure didn’t.  Fitness, accountability groups and learning about food as it relates to just me has done much more than help me look good on the outside.  This journey has done more for me mentally than I ever expected.  I no longer beat myself up regularly and I don’t speak negatively about myself any more.  I don’t look at pictures and zone in on the negatives.  I look at pictures and intentionally look for the good stuff.

Who knew?  As I look back over pics and posts….I smile and give myself a pat on the back.  I am proud of me for even finding the courage to try.

Your dreams deserve your best.

You don’t need motivation, you just need a small dose of courage and a large dose of “I don’t care who sees me.”

Apparently God knew, because surely I didn’t.  I am so glad he didn’t give me the blueprint.  I would have found lots of excuses to go completely left.

You Got This!!

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